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An article we found this week that we think is worthy of your attention is by Omar Salaymeh and appears on Purchasing B2B, in which he claims “… ‘free’ platforms affect process openness and the ability to keep pace with innovation.” In the case of free procurement software, he says, many procurement professionals are accepting a ‘free’ platform at face value, “without the critical lens they apply to other buying decisions.” He cites the Government of Ontario’s decision to eliminate fees for vendors to access contracts, as a strong signal that the vendor-supported model, and its negative implications for procurement teams, is on the way out, suggesting that vendor-supported platforms make it more difficult for vendors to access opportunities, as they simply pass the cost of the software onto them through fees to view documents, register or submit proposals. He also suggests that these platforms also present barriers to open access to information, a concern which is growing for public procurement teams in light of recent trade agreements. Do read the whole article here.

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