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A new Data Ethics Framework has been launched in the UK to make sure the Government sets the highest global standards for how public servants should use data appropriately. The scheme is the only effort by a national government to discuss the considerations public servants should make when using data to inform policy and service design, according to Government Technology. This is part of the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s plans to boost the UK’s data capability, to increase the UK’s role in the ethical use of data in the public sector. Major businesses, including Ocado, Amazon, Rolls Royce and McKinsey & Quantum Black, have backed an industry and government collaboration to develop the next generation of artificial intelligence experts in the UK. The package includes new plans to develop a National Data Strategy to unlock the power of data in the UK, £350,000 to help Internet of Things (IoT) innovators and the emerging technology sector and the establishment of a new Digital Skills Partnership in the South West to build a thriving digital economy in the region. Read more here.

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