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A new report from The World Bank ‘Procuring Infrastructure PPPs’  aims to support a better policy-making process for public-private partnerships by highlighting key aspects of an economy’s regulatory framework for procuring PPPs. The 2018 report is a continuation of ‘Benchmarking PPP Procurement 2017,’ scaling up from 82 to 135 economies. It evaluates the laws and regulations of 135 economies against globally recognised good practices to offer “data to help governments assess the performance of their procurement systems for PPPs, deliver a unique information tool for the private sector and civil society, and fuel academic research in an emerging field. More importantly, the Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018 exercise aims to help governments and others identify areas for reform to achieve more transparent, competitive, and efficient PPP procurement systems and, where appropriate, increase private sector participation in infrastructure and service delivery.” More information and a link to download is here.

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