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Procure 2 Innovate Project (P2I) connects competence centres for innovation procurement across Europe. Newly created Procurement Transformation Institute (PTI) has interviewed Ingrid de Doncker, founder of PTI (Ireland), on the Irish context of Innovation procurement, the role of the newly established Institute and the importance for Ireland to have a competence centre pushing for innovation procurement. “We were seeing a very fragmented landscape in relation to the capability and capacity of procurement professionals, a tactical approach to the procurement function itself and a genuine disregard for the value of procurement in organisations, in the private or public sector,” she says. “Between 60-70% of the turnover or expenditure of any enterprise is spent with third party providers and the lost opportunities by not “Buying right” and not “Buying the right thing” were becoming a real challenge for Ireland to stay competitive in an ever fast moving and changing environment. We decided to do something about that.” Read the full interview here.

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