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The World Economic Forum has issued guidelines to help governments procure artificial intelligence. They have been co-designed by WEF’s artificial intelligence and machine learning team and the UK government’s Office of AI along with Deloitte, Salesforce and Splunk. Government and private sector procurement specialists and members of academia and civil society were consulted throughout the 10-month development process, which incorporated workshops and interviews. The UK will be the first government to test them and it is expected that other governments test and pilot the new guidelines over the next 6 months, their feedback will be used to refine the guidelines.

“The aim is to help governments make efficiencies through the responsible use of AI and prepare for future risks, while enabling established companies and start-ups to compete on a level playing field for government contracts … The guidelines include using procurement processes that focus not on prescribing a specific solution, but on outlining problems and opportunities and allowing room for iteration; ensuring that legislation and codes of practice are incorporated in requests for proposals; and articulating the technical feasibility and governance considerations of obtaining relevant data.” The full story is from Mia Hunt on Global Government Forum.

The report explains the reason for the guidelines:

“Governments are increasingly seeking to capture the opportunities offered by AI to improve public-sector productivity and the provision of services to the public, and to stimulate the economy. AI holds the potential to vastly improve government operations and meet the needs of citizens in new ways, ranging from traffic management to healthcare delivery to processing tax forms. However, governments often lack experience in acquiring modern AI solutions and many public institutions are cautious about harnessing this powerful technology.”

For a list of suppliers operating in this space, visit GovShop.

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