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Regions and municipalities in recent years have been moving their IT systems to a cloud infrastructure. Part of that modernization effort has involved using Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to boost efficiency, resilience, safety and innovation in transportation for both drivers and pedestrians. Despite a hiatus in efforts for some municipalities owing to pandemic-related priorities, many transit agencies are now stepping up their modernization plans.

For example, in Florida, Lake Nona has a smart city network of IoT sensors throughout its streets and buildings and is developing forward-thinking systems from the ground-up; Portland in Oregon is embarking on a data lake initiative to integrate and present data to help city analysts better understand problems and ­evaluate solutions.

Innovative use of transportation data isn’t limited to the ground either, sensors on Lake Nona’s semi-autonomous drone will gather data from the district’s planned vertiport — a vertical take-off and landing hub for electric air taxis.

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