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Last year, we introduced here on Public Spend Forum the Open Opps (as in “opportunities”) platform that is monitoring public sector contract opportunities in the UK and more widely. A recent initiative has seen the site now offering a spend analysis tool which enables users to carry out more detailed interrogation of the no less than 130 million lines of data contained within the database. That includes opportunities advertised, as well as contract award notices, and the new tool makes it easier to search on specific contracting authorities or spend categories, for instance.

Ian Makgill, the man behind Open Opps, believes that all UK opportunities are now captured, and is working to increase the number from other countries. In France and Italy for instance, he is moving beyond the central procurement “portals” and is picking up public procurement opportunities advertised on more local and regional sites.

Some significant customers have signed up too, including major firms who supply the public sector and want to see both where opportunities might lie and carry out competitive analysis and research.

The business model is “freemium” – you can get access to much of the data free, but value-added services do come with a fee. You can read more about recent progress here on Spend Matters, and if you are a public organisation or indeed a supplier to the public sector, and you haven’t taken a look yet, follow the link here. We will continue to monitor progress with interest.

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