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To continue covering relevant topics for our audience, Public Spend Forum is partnering with Spend Matters, a sister site, to bring coverage of the private sector that public procurement professionals can learn from and apply within their organizations.

Here, they take a look at a report that discusses how sustainability requires close collaboration.

“Many businesses have come around to the idea that sustainability is not just a hashtag or a marketing ploy but something that can help a company advance its business goals.

But as organizations dive into all the ways they can save energy and use friendlier materials, they soon realize there are only so many they control. Truly leveraging sustainability requires close collaboration all the way down the supply chain to find mutual incentives for all, according to the latest report by State of Flux, a global procurement and supply chain consultancy.

In its 10th annual report on supplier relationship management, called “Sustainable SRM: Nurturing Growth in a New Climate,” CEO Alan Day notes that his firm focused on this topic because organizations face pressure to be more sustainable and, since many social and environmental issues come from the supply chain, it’s important to make sustainable SRM part of a business’ daily practice.”

The study surveyed 517 respondents from 303 companies, located around the world and representing 25 industry sectors. This article continues by covering the key findings and discusses how there are cases in which procurement teams have been able to partner with their suppliers to achieve mutually beneficial sustainability goals.

Spend Matters is the leading global B2B network of procurement and supply chain content with hard-hitting research, analysis, commentary, and breaking news coverage. You can read the full article here.

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