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The Trump administration is making significant commitments to bolster information technology (IT) infrastructure. The federal government outlines intentions of substantial investments in digital services for citizens, upgrading information security, and data-driven decision making in the President’s Management Agenda. 

On par with the Administrations’ intent, several government bodies are showing increased investments in the IT services. The Department of Defense increased spending by 12 percent to reach $33.8 billion. Tangentially, civilian agency spending grew 6.6 percent to $30.8 billion. Government spending on key technology markets will continue to grow. The research and inevitable maintenance of cybersecurity and cloud infrastructures will necessitate an increased demand for IT services.

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Some key markets to stay focused on include cybersecurity, cloud and digital services, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. The world is steeped in the Information Age and the expansion of every section of IT is already evident by upticks in spending and explicit declarations of intent to upgrade.

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