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Livemint references a Digital Dossier identification of startups making use of emerging technologies to address problems in traditional fields. While applications are primarily geared toward the private sector, this does not preclude government applications from the near future. 

Facilio, based in Atlanta, makes use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to aid building operations. Facilio consolidates data from the cloud so that property owners can make use of necessary data in real-time. This includes maintenance, compliance and vendor workflows, and engaging with tenants. The use of IoT allows Facilio to connect these common workflows with building automations, streamlining a slew of traditionally fragmented practices. Public housing projects could potentially make use of this management approach. 

CivilCops provides civic-tech products for smart cities with their social intelligence capabilities. The aim of the firm is to connect citizens with their local governments through a single primary platform. CivilCops makes use of AI to drastically increase the efficiency for citizen feedback loops for local governments. AI chatbots and voice interfaces can be integrated with major platforms to simplify the process of citizens interacting with their government. 

Oxfordcaps provides extensive search and booking functions for student residents. Virtual tours, hassle-free lease signing, and roommate matching systems driven by machine learning. The firm is

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