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Augmented and virtual reality products and services are a hot topic in the public sector. With applications ranging from training to simulations to data interaction, nearly all government organizations stand to benefit from extended reality solutions.  To help you understand this ever-changing market, we have developed our initial market maps to identify the various segments within the market.

Download your copy of both market maps here!

extended reality market mapsWe have also segmented hundreds of emerging, non-traditional and traditional suppliers into these various market segments.  You can find the list and other data on our Virtual/Augmented Reality page here.

Below are just a few of the suppliers on Govshop, divided by startups, companies with momentum, and the “bluebloods” we all may be aware of. 

1. Startups and emerging companies worth watching

  1. RobotLabs provides an innovative online learning program for classrooms and trainings, and was just awarded a contract to provide a VR classroom for the Army.
  2. Govred Tech specializes in building turnkey virtual reality training technology for the military, law enforcement, and first responders
  3. MXT Reality, a presenter at our recent AR/VR Breakthrough event in partnership with Amazon Web Services, was founded in 2013 and specializes in virtual and Augmented Reality solutions.

2. Companies that are currently making moves and closing deals

  1. Simigon, a VR provider for military, defense, and aerospace applications, won five contracts in 2019.
  2. Cole Engineering Services racked up 35 contract awards to provide its modeling and simulation products for serious gaming in 2019.
  3. Systems Technology, Inc took home 20 contracts in 2019 in the aerospace engineering and simulation solutions sector.

3. These “blueblood” suppliers are well established in the public sector Extended Reality marketplace

  1. Cubic, a large multinational corporation with multiple segments including global defense, has been on the front lines of extended reality research since 1951.
  2. Dynamic Animation Systems has over 23 years of VR modeling and simulation experience within the government.
  3. Virtual Reality Medical Center, a provider of VR simulation technologies for the healthcare, military, and education sectors, has 22 years of public sector experience.

All of these featured suppliers provide capabilities in the extended reality space, but if you’re sourcing for something specific, check out how we’ve broken down extended reality offerings in our PSF Market category, and make sure to join us for our upcoming webinar on the extended reality public sector marketplace!

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