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Five teams of public contracting reformers from Buenos Aires, Ecuador, Mexico City, Moldova, and New Orleans have been selected to participate in the inaugural Lift impact programme, the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) and social impact firm Reboot. The year-long support programme is designed to help exceptional cross-sectorial teams go further, faster by using open contracting to improve the quality of specific goods, works, and public services.

The cities of Buenos Aires and New Orleans both aim to expand access to city contracts for more and more diverse vendors. Mexico City will open up its public contracting process to expand its ECOBICI bike-share system to achieve equitable mobility for residents and lower carbon emissions. Ecuador’s National Public Procurement Service, in partnership with civil society organisations, will improve the quality of infrastructure, the delivery of public services, and the supply of medicines by increasing transparency and social oversight of the procurement process. Positive Initiative, a Moldova-based civil society organisation, will track contracts for vital life-saving medicines in a country that has an HIV epidemic and some of the highest tuberculosis rates in Europe.

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