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Experts from Convedo tell how RPA can benefit the public sector. Because government departmental work requires a high level of non-strategic tasks like data entry, data collection, validation, and repetitive consolidation-type processes, automation, in the shape RPA, could rectify the problem exacerbated by a depleted civil service and budget cuts. According to the Reform, Work in Progress 2017 Report, in the UK alone, only 20% of public service employees do strategic work that requires analytical thinking.

“RPA is a game changer for the public sector,” Convedo said. “The public sector faces issues that require immediate attention: from a high volume of work that blocks productivity, to employee shortage, from frequent regulatory and policy changes to insufficient ‘collaboratory’ tools that allow different departments to synchronise seamlessly. Today the challenge of delivering more with less within the public sector is indicative that the public sector stands to benefit the most from RPA.”

According to Convedo, there are five key best practices for implementing RPA in the public sector. Read them here.

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