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Spend Matters recently invited Eved’s founder and CEO, Talia Mashiach, to submit a guest article on how procurement organizations can navigate through supplier negotiations given recent conference and event cancellations. Eved is a spend management and payments platform built for meetings and events and her advice is helpful as the coronavirus outbreak forces organizations to cancel events.

“Knowledge is key to any negotiation, and this is no different in situations when you cancel or postpone a meeting or event. Cancellations are happening worldwide as a precaution against the coronavirus outbreak, but many reasons can lead to calling off or delaying an event. So understanding how to handle this situation is important,” Mashiach begins. She continues to explain that if you reach a decision to cancel or postpone an event, having the answers to key questions will help you in those discussions.

Read the complete article on Spend Matters to learn which questions to be prepared for and additional insights.

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