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The Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, which is currently putting together the government’s National Data Strategy, is to conduct a six-week review of how best to ensure the sharing of data between departments and the current barriers to doing so. The department is seeking a supplier to provide an expert team of consultants that can help it assess existing “organisational, technical, legal and cultural barriers to sharing data.” The chosen firm will also assist in reviewing best practice for systems and practices – explains Public

In “The barriers to a National Data Strategy are falling: it’s time to move forward” Civil Service World explains that in 2018 the culture secretary promised a strategy to “unlock the power of data across government and the wider economy” and fills us in on why that got so delayed. However, now “… the barriers to progress are evaporating. And there are powerful reasons for central government to get moving on a National Data Strategy, unlocking a huge range of benefits for service quality and operational efficiency,” read that here.

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