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Compliance Week writes that European businesses may be putting themselves at risk because they mistakenly believe regulators are prepared to loosen the rules, lower the compliance burden, and lessen enforcement so companies can operate more easily as the coronavirus pandemic lingers on. Three areas where experts believe companies may mistakenly believe authorities have suggested they are taking a more relaxed approach are Financial Services, Data Protection and Competition Law. It is wrong to believe regulators have relaxed regulations and do not intend to pursue minor infringements. “Compliance teams should not be complacent about enforcement and should proceed with upholding the policies they had in place before COVID-19 took hold,” says Nicola Howell, senior compliance and privacy attorney at commercial data and analytics firm Dun & Bradstreet. “While justifiable allowances may be made, any significant departure from legal requirements or previous company policy could significantly backfire on a business.” Read the full story here.

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