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As workplaces and businesses begin reopening across several states in the coming weeks, there are many warning signs and stories about personal protective equipment (PPE) deals gone wrong. Recent news of agencies from FEMA and the Department of Veterans Affairs, to states and counties, awarding contracts to unqualified vendors as a means to quickly provide the required PPE — only to be met with no supply and in some cases, needing to cancel contracts. 

To minimize such issues as we reopen the economy and put people back to work, Public Spend Forum (PSF) is working alongside our partners from government and industry including the Defense Task Force, the National Governors Association and the National Institute for Government Procurement, to address the need for a central source to document verified suppliers. PSF’s free searchable supplier intelligence and marketplace, GovShop, is providing supplier verification, contract identification, and real-time inventory availability in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts. 

While GovShop includes data on suppliers across many categories, this article highlights the categories we are covering for PPE within our Coronavirus (COVID‑19) dataset. This includes respirators and masks, glasses/goggles/face shields, medical gowns, and medical gloves, as shown in the picture below.

Within the above categories, we have documented over 900 suppliers of which 158 have been verified by our teams and partners.  While our focus has been primarily on the United States, we have also begun to identify sources across the world. 

Below, we have highlighted 5 suppliers from each PPE category.  The entire list can be found on our site on our PPE page.

Medical Gloves

 • Henry Schein
 • Grainger
 • McKesson Medical Surgical
 • Cardinal Health
 • Medline Industries

Medical Gowns, Aprons, Caps and Shoes

 • DuPont
 • O&M Halyard
 • 3M
 • Honeywell
 • Prestige Ameritech

Glasses, Goggles and Face Shields

 • Draeger
 • Ansell
 • Cardinal Health
 • Medline Industries
 • 3M

Respirators and Masks

 • Moldex-Metric
 • Louis M. Gerson Co.
 • DuPont
 • Henry Schein
 • Grainger

To learn more about this list and about PSF’s COVID-19 response, you can view this public saved list on GovShop to add to your own list or download a summary report.

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