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The Geospatial Commission, a body within the UK Cabinet Office, is planning to develop a national location data framework to support future technologies by 2025, UK Authority reports. It chair, Sir Andrew Dilnot, said: “Location data already has a significant impact on our lives. Better location data will help us to make more informed decisions on everything from where to build new schools and hospitals, to how to manage precious resources such as land and energy, creating economic, social and environmental value … It will guide development of future technologies, such as autonomous vehicles and advanced digital representations that will support improved UK competitiveness and quality of life.  The Geospatial Commission was set up to take advantage of the significant opportunities that location data and technology offer to the UK.”

Cabinet Office Minister Lord True said: “The application of location data is critical for navigating our new digital world, and for making the UK a better place for everyone … As well as making everyday lives easier, location data has the potential to unite and level up the country – by connecting people, organisations and services.”

Read more about this initiative here, including the challenges involved and the mission to address them, and about the areas that will be most impacted.

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