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Supply Management has highlighted a report that says there were “fundamental flaws” in the UK government’s procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE), according to MPs.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said in a report on the government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak that a pandemic had been identified previously as the country’s “top non-malicious risk” but the government “failed to stock up in advance.” According to the report the Cabinet Office said that the huge quantity of PPE required had taken them by surprise and that it had not run out of PPE but there were local shortages. The PAC said “It matters very little that the government had enough PPE centrally if these vital goods and equipment are not getting to those who need them locally.” On cost, the report also says that while the unit cost paid by the government for PPE and medical equipment was “higher than it would have liked” it considers the purchase of the equipment value for money given the alternative of not having enough equipment.

Read more here and take a look at GovShop to learn how it is helping government agencies find vetted suppliers more quickly: Responding to COVID-19: Verified Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers (PPE).

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