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As part of the World Economic Forum’s ‘Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Platform’ project, the WEF is co-designing guidelines for the responsible and effective procurement of artificial intelligence by governments to better meet the needs of citizens and enhance public services.

“While public sector officials are increasingly aware of the transformational impact of data and AI-powered solutions, the data needed for AI solutions to be developed and deployed is often neither accessible nor discoverable. Public sector officials may also lack the appropriate knowledge and expertise to make strategic buying decisions for AI-powered tools,” it says.

The guidance aims to empower government officials to more confidently make responsible AI purchasing decisions. The tools also improve the experience for AI solutions providers by supporting the creation of transparent and innovative public procurement processes that meet their needs.

Milestones have been made to date and June 2020 saw the publication of the AI Procurement in a Box guide that will allow governments to effectively learn and adopt the best practices developed.

Read Unlocking Public Sector Artificial Intelligence and AI Procurement in a Box.

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