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An article in ‘War on the Rocks’ gives some advice on avoiding fielding AI prematurely, the risks it carries and offers guidelines for the military procurement of AI.

“Not all artificial intelligence (AI) is made equal,” it says. “A wide range of different techniques and applications fall under the term ‘AI.’ Some of these techniques and applications work really well, such as image recognition. But other AI applications, especially those focused on prediction, have fallen short of expectations.

Fielding AI before it is ready could lead to complacency amongst soldiers, inaccurate predictions, and strategic manipulation by users to game the system. Military procurement officers need to learn basic AI literacy to become smart buyers and ensure that AI is not fielded prematurely.”

The article is written by Maaike Verbruggen, a doctoral researcher at the Institute for European Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, where she carries out research on military innovation in artificial intelligence. She explains how to manage expectations of Artificial Intelligence, the risks of using it too early, and when AI might be fielded anyway – well worth a read, do that here AI & Military Procurement.

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