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Tomorrow September 11, just before midnight, is the final deadline for you to register to participate in the ‘Get Ready- AI4Cities Bootcamp’ to take place on September 23 and 24.

AI4Cities (with Industryhack and participating countries) is running a coaching bootcamp for startups, SMEs and bigger companies that are interested in designing AI-applied innovative solutions to help cities meet their carbon-neutral climate commitments.

In this three-year EU-funded project, six European cities (Helsinki, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Stavanger and Tallinn) are looking for pre-commercial artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to accelerate their carbon neutrality goals. The goal of the bootcamp is to help accelerate the best solutions to reach the commercial market and become available for the cities to use sooner.

The proposed solutions must involve real AI that provides added value for the solution. The solutions will be piloted in at least two cities, and proposed solutions will:

  • use and benefit from open data provided by the cities
  • Be economically feasible and bring other benefits through optimisation and decreased energy consumption / possibly bring economic savings through optimisation or decreased energy consumption
  • improve the effectiveness of city management through better information
  • be integratable to existing city systems if needed (such as public transport, energy network etc)

To learn more about the opportunity and about participating in the event, access the details here on GovShop.

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