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Ivalua, a supply chain sourcing and procurement software company and valued partner of Public Spend Forum, recently released a report on the need to introduce predictive practices into procurement. The whitepaper considers the impacts of technological advancement on public procurement, supplier management, talent management, risk management, and more. 

As public procurement becomes an increasingly client-facing process, Ivalua evaluates the need for procurement to demonstrate value by cultivating partnerships and increasing stakeholder involvement. Ivalua’s whitepaper examines the advantages of using technology to achieve this transforming function of the public procurement space. As the use of technology quickly becomes a necessity, Ivalua urges those in procurement to think carefully about which technologies will continue to be beneficial as needs and circumstances change.

The report focuses on the importance of optimizing the customer experience, reducing transparency and compliance risks, and responsible spending management as ways to future-proof public sector procurement decisions. Ivalua also addresses key considerations for the management of suppliers, spending, change, and risk as the public sector industry continues to be modernized.

Discover how the predictive power of technology can improve sourcing and procurement by viewing Ivalua’s report here!

Public Spend Forum is also proud to partner with Ivalua on our global Barriers to Entry study.
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