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While the government market is enormous by any standard, over $10 trillion globally to be precise, it is an extremely complex environment for suppliers to navigate. The reality today is that many barriers still challenge companies seeking to do business with governments around the world, ranging from overly complex, lengthy, and costly procurement processes to challenging legal requirements and insufficient communication between suppliers and government buyers.

Barriers To Entry in Govt. Markets

In our initial research, we identified these five entry barriers of working with government. But to better understand these barriers, Public Spend Forum and Ivalua have launched a Barriers to Entry in Government Markets global study and survey in collaboration with Rob Handfield from North Carolina State University’s Supply Chain Center.

By gathering input from suppliers across industries, our goal is to identify the top barriers faced by suppliers. In addition to the survey, the study team is conducting extensive secondary research and interviewing government leaders and suppliers to gather deeper insights and examples.  

Recently, we pulled a data cut from the survey still in progress. We wanted to see what suppliers were saying about this entry barrier, Complex, Costly & Inefficient Processes. Barriers to Entry Survey in Progress But What Have Suppliers Said So Far?

Within this key area, we described six specific underlying challenges and asked respondents to rank the top difficult challenges associated with the Complex, Costly & Inefficient Processes entry barrier.

Barriers to Entry Survey in Progress But What Have Suppliers Said So Far?
As shown above, survey respondents so far have identified the top underlying challenges related to this entry barrier. But what do you think? If you’re a supplier and haven’t completed the survey yet, take 5 minutes and share your voice!

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