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UK Competition and Markets Authority has said that the potential Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation (YPO) and Findel Education Limited (Findel) merger could reduce competition resulting in increased prices or reductions in service levels, quality and the range of products for schools and nurseries. The CMA has provisionally found that both companies compete closely, and are two of the leading suppliers of educational resources in the UK supplying stationery, furniture, and art and science materials to educational institutions. YPO announced its planned £50 million purchase of Findel last year.

Stuart McIntosh, Inquiry Group Chair, said: “These firms are 2 of the leading suppliers of educational resources in the UK, so it’s important that the CMA protects schools and nurseries who rely on their products. The loss of competition as a result of this merger would likely lead to either higher prices or reduced service, and less choice for schools, which are already under considerable financial pressure.”

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