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Santa arrived early this year – but may have given the coronavirus at a Belgian care home instead of gifts. The man who played Saint Nicholas reportedly was the first to test positive shortly after visiting the Hemelrick home in Mol, followed by 61 residents and 14 staff members. During the holiday season, the Hemelrick home, and hundreds of thousands of other organizations, are working harder than ever to be virus-free. GovShop’s goal is to help these organizations by providing COVID-19 suppliers, inventory, and contracts readily available in this time of need.

With over 8,000 vetted suppliers and 10,000 products, GovShop is continuously aiming to compile the largest FREE supply chain data set available for government agencies, buyers, and suppliers. For more information, the latest reports, and to get help from our expert team of analysts and sourcing professionals, visit GovShop’s COVID-19 page here.

Also, click here to learn more about COVID-santa.

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