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As the United States’ largest buyer, the national government and federal agencies have been committed to public procurement that is continuously more innovative. In 2014, the Office of Science Technology Policy and Office of Management and Budget released Innovative Contracting Case Studies, a document discussing the ways in which federal agencies have engaged in innovative contracts. Examples include contracts with NASA for astronaut transportation services and moon exploration robots.

The White House reports, “today, Federal agencies continue to leverage innovative procurement practices that spur the private sector to develop advanced technologies to better serve the American people – and to pay only for successful results, not just best efforts.”

The federal government’s power of the purse will deliver cost-effective technology solutions to promote economic growth throughout the nation. Agencies including the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs have issued short concept papers to lower barriers to entry for non-traditional government contractors while efficiently supporting these cross-agency initiatives.

Read more about Obama’s administration’s innovative Federal Procurement Policy here!

Also, check out PSF’s barriers to entry in the government marketplace downloadable report and 5-minute survey here!

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