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Hybrid cloud data services and data management company NetApp has revealed in a recent study that a mix of cloud and local infrastructure will continue on being used in the coming years by the UK’s public sector, according to DevOpps Online. And according to a freedom of information (FOI) request, 53% of services say they are using a hybrid infrastructure. It believes the public sector will have to plan carefully for its future agile environment in order to unlock the full potential of cloud, especially with the complexity of cloud services and the existing infrastructure demands.

Although the research stated undeniable progress toward cloud adoption, the majority of public service infrastructure is still on the premises, with many services still less than 50% cloud-based. Only 16% of respondents (n unknown) suggested it will be fully cloud-based in 3 years’ time, showing the public sector will continue to operate in a hybrid environment at least until then.

A free comprehensive list of cloud services providers can be found on GovShop.

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