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In December 2020, the European Commission published its proposal for a new Sustainable Batteries Regulation (“Regulation“), as part of its wider strategy for a climate-neutral, resource-efficient EU economy. The draft legislative proposal aims to ensure that all batteries placed on the EU market are sustainable, circular and safe, by introducing specific requirements across different stages of the product life cycle as well as new CE marking requirements for batteries. It represents a sweeping overhaul of the existing regulatory framework for batteries in the EU, with potentially significant implications for manufacturers, producers, importers and distributors of batteries and products containing batteries.

This new regulatory framework is the first proposed initiative under the Commission’s new Circular Economy Action Plan (“Action Plan“) which is a key part of the European Green Deal and the Commission’s plan to make the EU’s economy sustainable.

Under the Regulation, the Commission clearly envisages the introduction of significant new requirements covering manufacturing, design, labelling, collection and recycling throughout the entire life-cycle of batteries, for all battery types.

For more information on the background, the key requirements and an industry view, see Global Compliance News.

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