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An article on UNI Europa explains that the service sector unions are calling on the European Commission to change €2 trillion public procurement rules. “The elected leaders of 106 workers’ unions from 29 countries have written to the European Commission President to call for governments to commit to only signing contracts with companies that respect their workers.”

“Currently,” it says “the EU only requires member states to take price into consideration when awarding contracts to private companies. The result is that public money has driven some companies in key services to cut corners. This includes in areas like nursing homes, cleaning services, call centres or security, all services that have been essential to governments’ responses to the crisis. The pandemic has revealed that a focus on cost alone makes for a very precarious model, which is far from fit for purpose.”

Read the Open Letter to the European Commission: No Public Contracts for Companies without Collective Agreements – Change Public Procurement Rules Now, here.

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