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The World Health Organization report provides information on the WHO’s procurement activities in 2020. It covers procurement of goods and services, and also includes Covid-19-related procurements.

The report provides procurement statistics — it says “over the past years, WHO has purchased on average more than US$800 million worth of goods and services every year to maintain operations in the field and to react to upcoming and recurring demands. In 2020, the procurement spend has been significantly higher at US$1.718 billion due to the global pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the related emergency response provided by WHO,” and gives detail by value and category. It also segments the numbers by WHO headquarters and regional offices and by supplier and supplier countries, and Covid-related spend gets its own section. It also gives key initiatives are highlighted along with information on how to become a supplier to WHO.

The intended audience for the report is WHO staff, Member States, external partners and it is also available for general public consumption.

It can be downloaded here.

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