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The public sector will have key roles to play as a buyer and exemplar in developing the UK’s capacity in artificial intelligence, according to the new National AI Strategy, writes UKAuthority.

A new strategy has been submitted to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport saying it represents a step change in the Government’s approach to the technology. The strategy highlights the public sector’s influence as an exemplar, with initiatives such as the Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation’s work on an AI assurance roadmap and the NHS AI Lab’s exploration of the ethics of AI in healthcare. The Government is working with the Alan Turing Institute on updating the guidance for public servants in the ethics and use of AI, and the Ministry of Defence has developed codes of conduct and regulation for its use. In addition, the Central Digital and Data Office is conducting research into a future cross-government standard for algorithmic transparency

The potential for the armed forces is also highlighted, with the Ministry of Defence soon to publish its own AI strategy and create a Defence AI Centre.

For other elements of the strategy that are highlighted by the Government and for the execution plan read UKAuthority.

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