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In this case study, The Centre for Public Impact describes how the Government of Singapore Ministry of Finance (MOF) planned and implemented an E-procurement system to be used. As noted in the case study: 

“The [MOF] decided to bring together different pockets of activities or systems in the Singapore public sector related to procurement to create a single integrated system that could support the entire procurement life cycle between public sector agencies and suppliers electronically.” 

The overall goals for the E-procurement system were specified as: 

  • To develop a common e-procurement system for the entire public sector. 
  • To establish “open and transparent procurement in accordance with government procurement policies (including World Trade Organisation – Government Procurement Act)”. 
  • Facilitate demand generation. 
  • To establish a complete repository of procurement information in one place. 

Also interesting in this case study is how The Centre for Public Impact profiles this E-procurement initiative based on their “Public Impact Fundamentals”The Centre for Public Impact describes in greater detail and provides their evaluation of Singapore’s E-procurement system in this case study. This type of critical evaluation is particularly helpful in understanding what was done well and where the areas of improvement lie. In short, these fundamentals consist of the following dimensions, grouped into three primary areas: 

1. Legitimacy 

  • Stakeholder Engagement 
  • Political Commitment 
  • Public Confidence 

 2. Policy 

  • Clear Objectives 
  • Evidence 
  • Feasibility 

3. Action 

  • Management 
  • Measurement 
  • Alignment 

Full Report: GeBIZ: government e-procurement system in Singapore

Image Courtesy of Chad Kainz

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