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DHS Chief Procurement Officer Soraya Correa recently demonstrated what it means to provide “top cover” for an innovative procurement approach that ultimately did not succeed. Speaking at ACT-IAC’s Acquisition Excellence conference, Correa reflected on the nascent FLASH procurement: “As happens with experiments, some things go well and some things don’t…I own it. I lived it because its my project and my failure.” While the procurement ultimately suffered under the weight of industry protests and some key mistakes by the procurement team, DHS officials were quick to protect their people. “I’m very proud of the work they did. It would be easy for the procurement community to sit back and do business as usual. Soraya everyday encourages her folks to put their toe on the line, never go over the line, and continue to push it out,” said DHS Acting Undersecretary for Management Chip Fulgum. 

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Image Courtesy of Tomkie sFastyne

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