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Public Spend Forum Europe (PSF Europe) provides an article overview of a recent report from the Sustainability in Public Procurement (SPP) Regions project. SPP Regions is promoting the creation and expansion of 7 European regional networks of municipalities working together on sustainable public procurement (SPP) and public procurement of innovation (PPI). As this article mentions, the report is: 

“aimed at guiding public procurers in engaging with suppliers in the context of procurement projects where input from the market can improve procurement outcomes. The report contains practical advice and guidance, using examples of successful processes and actions to demonstrate how market engagement works, including the risks, resources required and first steps for public authorities” 

PSF Europe also makes the point in this summary article that the published report also provides a discussion around the various risks associated with early engagement that public procurement professionals should keep in mind and manage as part of working with their early supplier engagement efforts. This is something we rarely see in regards to the topic of early market engagement. 

The article provides a link back to the report published by the Sustainability in Public Procurement (SPP) Regions project.

Full Report: Market Engagement Best Practice Report from the SPP Regions

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