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The attached case study presents an example of how to simplify and streamline sustainable practices, by leveraging the technology platform Ecomedes. This technology company is dedicated to streamlining sustainable practices through innovation and their platform, the Fulcrum, is a free resource to buyers looking to find high-performance sustainable products. 
The Ecomedes platform consolidated product performance data from three federal programs and three third-party ecolabels/standards. The result is a product performance database of over 500,000 products from 7,500 brands, in 250 categories. Product performance data is synchronized to major certification bodies and ecolabels such as Energy Star, WaterSense, Safer Choice and then data was then mapped to the Green Procurement Compilation (GPC) requirements with some simple ROI impact calculators for energy and water savings.

This platform reduces the typical multiple-hour procurement process to less than 15 minutes. Institutional buyers utilizing this platform can reduce overhead costs of procurement research and documentation by over 95 percent. When added to the energy, water, and maintenance savings generated by deploying higher performing products, the organizational ROI will significantly increase.

Download the Case Study: Leveraging Data to Simplify and Streamline Sustainable Procurement

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