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FLASH could get a new life, at least in parts, in the next DHS IT services contract now under development, SEWP prepares for the year-end surge, and more. This is Public Spend Forum’s Weekly Roundup for July 6, 2018.

Ten Challenges of OTAs

The use of Other Transaction Authority (OTA) has grown in recent years and they are a potentially big business opportunity. However, there are challenges to consider before plunging in. Washington Technology breaks down the top 10 challenges of acquisition through OTAs. From low barriers to entry enabling companies to submit unqualified bids to the lack of transparency in the process, this list provides a good look at some considerations.

SEWP Prepares for Year-End Wave

The latest annual federal agency IT spending surge is on the way. One of the government’s biggest tech shopping bazaars is getting ready for the 25th time. The NASA SEWP is the federal government’s first government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC). Joanne Woytek has overseen SEWP since becoming the vehicle’s program manager in 1999 and has been a guiding force, pushing to keep the contract’s reputation for customer service tied to a broad array of relevant IT products and services. The summer months, particularly August and September, are the contract’s busiest, as the federal government’s fiscal year comes to an end. “Typically about 50 percent of orders come through in August and September, with about 38 percent in September alone,” Woytek said. Woytek said she expects a 10 percent bump in SEWP usage this fiscal year, attributing the expected increase to agencies moving from open market or internal contracts to SEWP’s existing contracts.

DHS Plans New Flexible Procurement Process for IT Services

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) canceled a planned $1.5 billion agile-focused procurement a little more than a year ago and owned the failure publicly. Now, according to the agency’s procurement chief, the Flexible Agile Support for the Homeland (FLASH) could get a new life, at least in parts, in the next DHS IT services contract now under development. Soraya Correa, chief procurement officer at DHS, said DHS is looking to incorporate federal category management and “best-in-class” contracting activities in the EAGLE II replacement, but also contracting vehicles with agile attitudes.

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