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The public sector is undergoing massive changes with greater fiscal spending, tax changes, constrained budgets and much more scrutiny and regulation. Public procurement and finance officials are keen to implement policies and programs to better manage public spending and automate processes, increase efficiency and transparency. Now more than ever, there is a need for visibility and accountability into how government funds are spent.
Public Spend Forum and Ivalua partnered to bring attendees the latest trends in public procurement and technology best practices. Ty Levine of Ivalua presented “A Tale of 2 (Digitized) Cities,” to describe how Ivalua helps public sector organizations achieve control, efficiency, and visibility into how they spend their funds. For this case study, they focused on work provided to New York City, which as a city of digital natives, has some really amazing public sector initiatives.

Levine demonstrated the challenge by showing pictures of the process map for a competitive solicitation (subject to those 27 different systems). The effort can take 13 months of “pounds” of paperwork to process, so NYC and Ivalua embarked on a three-phased digital procurement project.

As we learned from this case study, the consequence of moving slowly was the successful implementation of phase 1, which delivered a single new portal reflecting the characteristics of clear, simple, and efficient procurement. Working in phases to install a new technology solution allowed Ivalua and NYC to reduce that mammoth process map by 90 percent. The end result is now that everybody wins: suppliers save time, proposals are more quickly processed, and employee time is reduced.

Check out the full recording below for more insights!

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