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Public Finance runs a piece on how UK health providers are sensing a growing threat of legal action where competitive procurement rules are misunderstood by clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). NHS staff need clearer guidance on complex health procurement rules to stop private sector providers suing CCGs. This follows previous complaints, for example when the High Court ordered six CCGs in Surrey, alongside Surrey County Council, to pay out £2m to Virgincare, because the company failed to win a £82m contract in what it called a “flawed” procurement process. Care UK, the UK’s largest private provider of health and social care, also lodged a complaint with former health regulator Monitor in 2015 over the “tender design and the conduct of the tender process” with a number of CCGs in North East London. Chief executive of The King’s Fund charity has said “at a national level there needs to be much clearer explanation” of the expectations around competitive procurement. Read more here.

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