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Week of August 16, 2023

Department of Defense 2023 Cyber Strategy — What We Know and What We Need

The Defense Department released its classified cybersecurity strategy to Congress, focusing on “defend forward” tactics, particularly countering cyber threats from Ukraine. The “Defend the Nation” approach involves proactive disruption, cooperation with partners, and boosting cyber resilience. U.S. Cyber Command gains more budget control, and technology integration with multiple vendors is emphasized for a stronger defense. The cybersecurity industry must adapt to new relationships under Cyber Command. Building relationships, talent acquisition, and infrastructure security are key priorities.

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Biden Orders Ban on Certain US Tech Investments in China

President Biden signed an executive order restricting U.S. investments in China’s sensitive tech sectors like chips, AI, and quantum tech. The move aims to prevent aiding China’s military advancement and undermining U.S. security. China opposes the restrictions and urges respecting fair competition, while Hong Kong criticizes them for disrupting trade and global economic growth.

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Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council Reviews Proposed Cyber Regulations for Federal Acquisition

The Federal Acquisition Regulatory Council is reviewing 12 proposed rules to implement cybersecurity requirements in government procurement, driven by executive orders and national cyber strategy. The rules cover secure software development and incident reporting to enhance cybersecurity measures, reflecting the heightened importance of cybersecurity from the White House and Congress.

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PSF SBIR/STTR Report, Data, and Dashboard!

Excited to announce the release of our SBIR/STTR report, data, and dashboard – the first of Public Spend Forum‘s series on investments in critical tech.

The SBIR/STTR report and accompanying dashboard/data are focused on answering several critical questions:

• How are investments aligned by critical tech?

• What use cases and needs are tech investments focused on?

• Which agencies and programs are investing in which tech areas and use cases?

• Which companies are winning and what capabilities do they bring to the market?

• Which geographic regions/clusters are emerging across the country?

• What types of investments are being commercialized and lead to commercial capital?

Here is the link to download the brochure!

To get access to the dashboard and comprehensive data behind the analysis, please reach out to us at


White House and DARPA Challenge Innovators to bring AI tools to Cyber Defense

The Biden administration launches a two-year “AI Cyber Challenge” competition with major AI firms to develop code safeguarding critical infrastructures using advanced AI algorithms for national cybersecurity. Prizes total $20 million, promoting public-private collaboration for mutual security benefit.

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Department of Homeland Security Allocates $375M for FY 2023 Cybersecurity Grant Program

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has increased its grant funding for the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (SLCGP) to $375 million in fiscal year 2023. This aims to aid state, local, and territorial governments in enhancing critical infrastructure security and cybersecurity resilience. The program is administered by DHS, with eligible governments having until October 6 to apply for funding.

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United States Air Force Commercial Venture Arm Opens Solicitation Process for Strategic Funding Increase Program

The U.S. Air Force, through AFVentures, has opened bids for the Strategic Funding Increase (STRATFI) and Tactical Funding Increase (TACFI) programs for the fiscal year 2024. The programs bridge development gaps between Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer Phase II and Phase III projects. Companies with ongoing or recent Phase II contracts are eligible to apply. The deadline for STRATFI is September 27, while TACFI’s deadline is pending.

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EVENT: H4XLabs Presents: The Promise and Challenges of the Critical Emerging Technology Space

Exciting news! H4XLabs and Public Spend Forum are working together to provide critical market insights across multiple emerging tech markets. Jason Kessler, Program Executive, NASA SBIR/STTR Program,  Ellen M. Chang, and Raj Sharma will be sharing their deep insights, including from the recently released PSF SBIR/STTR report.

Topics we expect to cover include:

– Investment trends in emerging tech

– Which government programs are most active

– Which use cases are being funded

– Which companies/labs/orgs are winning and why


Raj Sharma, CEO & Founder of Public Spend Forum  

Some of his recent writings include: SBIR/STTR Alignment with Critical Emerging

Technologies – discusses barriers to entry as well as barriers to transition

Jason Kessler, Program Executive, NASA SBIR/STTR Program

Ellen Chang, Head of H4XLabs and VP of Ventures for BMNT will facilitate the conversation.

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Webinar: SBA “Grow Your Business” | September 12-13, 2023

Celebrate SBA’s 70th Anniversary by attending the Small Business Savvy Webinar Series on September 12, “Grow Your Business”, Presented by the Dallas/Fort Worth District Office. This is a focused one-day mini-series.

When business is good, it’s time to expand! Find new funding, locations, and customers. This series was developed by Linda Williams, Economic Development Specialist at SBA’s Dallas/Fort Worth District Office, and is based on material found in SBA’s online Business Guide.

Attend one webinar or all of them, all in one day!

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Feds Open New Round in $500M Grant Program for Transportation Technology

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s $100 million SMART grant program for cutting-edge transportation projects has opened its second round. Funded through the bipartisan infrastructure law, $500 million in grants will be distributed over five years to address transportation challenges using technologies like autonomous vehicles and sensors. The first round supported projects across 33 states, and the new phase focuses on data and technology capacity-building for state, local, and tribal governments.

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DOD, GSA & NASA Propose FAR Amendment Rule to Include Post-Award Debriefing Requirement

The DoD, GSA, and NASA propose a rule change to Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) for contracting officers to explain to unsuccessful offerors their contract non-selection reasons. This aligns with a National Defense Authorization Act provision. The rule applies to task orders or delivery orders over the simplified acquisition threshold but under $6 million. Comments on the proposal are accepted until October 10.

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Customer Testimonial: Deep Tech and Market Analysis with Air Force Research Labs


If you would like to put our comprehensive market, supply chain, demand and tech data on millions of suppliers and tech markets along with our expert advisory services/workshops to work for you, please reach out to us at

We can help in three ways:

  • AI-Assisted Market and Supplier/Supply Chain Intelligence Reports and Data through our AI-Assisted Market Intelligence (AIMI) offering. We use our comprehensive datasets, AI-MI technology assisted by our SMEs to create a custom market report and datasets that helps you understand market and tech trends, map out the ecosystem of small business, underserved and non-traditional and incumbents; qualify suppliers and assess supplier risk; map the R&D landscape and discover the venture capital and funding network.
  • Market and Supply Chain Intelligence Advisory Services – We bring our decades of strategic market intelligence and supply chain expertise along with our powerful datasets and AI to help you develop plans to strengthen your supplier base, map out multi-tier supply chains, qualify and monitor suppliers and understand supply chain risk.
  • Market and Supplier Intelligence Training and Workshops – Access the best faculty and practitioners such as Dr. Rob Handfield (NC State) in the world and get your team up to speed by learning the most cutting-edge methods for market and supplier intelligence

The key questions we help you answer:

  • What are the emerging technology trends in a specific market? For example, we just analyzed markets such as batteries for aircraft, polymers and elastomers for in-space repair, and mobility solutions.
  • Who are the participants in the ecosystem (R&D labs, venture capital, startups, underserved)?
  • Who are the small and underserved companies in the market and what track record do they have?
  • Where is there risk in our supply chain and how we can best manage it?

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