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We know governments face enormous challenges, and we know the innovation fostered by private sector partners and suppliers that is critical to tackling those challenges. And yet all over the world governments have placed huge and unnecessary barriers in place in the name of protecting themselves, making it difficult for companies to participate in the public sector market. Some governments require companies to hand over intellectual property rights, others heap so many regulations that the cost of doing business is too high.

Unfortunately, the impact is grave for both the public and private sectors. Governments miss out on leading-edge technology and commercial solutions, and too many companies are locked out of the $8 trillion the world’s governments spend annually on goods and services. Public Spend Forum is dedicated to changing this paradigm and opening up the public sector market. As part of this goal, we’re convening breakthrough sessions all around the world, beginning with this event, which we held at the Commonwealth Club of California.

To start a conversation exploring how the private sector can use proven and breakthrough solutions to solve major social and public policy challenges in the public sector, we convened a panel of leading experts, including:

  • John Cabeca, Director, Patent and Trademark Office, Silicon Valley
  • Mike Olson, Founder, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Cloudera
  • Simi Gandhi, Head of Business Development and Strategy, Plaid

The discussion included the ways in which private sector companies can leverage market knowledge and data, support public sector innovation and access market opportunities. There has never been a greater need or opportunity for tech innovators and entrepreneurs to play an active role in creating large-scale public and social impact.

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