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For any critical initiative to succeed in any large organization, whether it is related to procurement or supply chain management or any management initiative in general, it is critical stakeholder engagement be at the forefront of the planning process. The fact is, the earlier you identify and engage your stakeholders, the better your chances of success.  
With that in mind, I developed a framework close to 10 years ago and wrote about it in Supply Chain Management ReviewThe 6 Principles of Stakeholder Engagement.  Here they are:
1. Get to Know Your Stakeholders
2. Engage As Early As Possible 
3. Listen With Both Ears Open
4. Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate Some More
5. Use Policies as Carrots, Not Sticks
6. Create Communities
I would welcome your thoughts on these principles and any ways we can continue to improve and build on these as a means to improve the way we engage stakeholders.  The full article is here.

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