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At Public Spend Forum, we believe knowledge is the key to unlocking the potential value of public procurement, government contracting and acquisition. That is why we are pursuing an ambitious goal, to organize and make available practical and actionable information, data and learning content that can be used by government general management and public procurement leaders, and government contracting professionals to make better purchasing decisions.

We are excited to launch the beta version of our Best Practices Library, that is available free to you and your staff. It includes:

  • Topics that span everything from strategic to operational and execution focused, including by spend category
  • Practical frameworks and concepts based on rigorous research
  • Case studies that highlight real world examples of successes and the critical practices to achieve them
  • Tools and templates that can be used in a very practical manner
  • Learning videos and content that can be accessed at the time of need

While we have built a large library, we are just getting started. Please explore the site and give us your feedback on what information you would like to see.

Also, please let your staff and others know so they can benefit from this free, public resource we are building. Thanks!

Raj Sharma, Chairman, Public Spend Forum

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