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As part of the series on Realizing Your Potential, two articles I want to point people to that raise some good points and provide some good advice.
Why Your Passion for Work Could Ruin Your Career (By Scott Barry Kaufman via Harvard Business Review)
This article raises some important points about how too much passion, when all consuming, can be detrimental to leading a balanced life.  “Hamonious vs. Obsessive” Passion can be different with different results, as the Mr. Kaufman points out.  Can you actually sit with your family and have a great converstion without your mind wandering to think about your work?  Can you go to the gym and not have to rush out because you feel there is so much to do?  I’m pointing to the pressures I’ve felt.  At the same time, I’ve worked hard to build some discipline in my life to make sure I don’t ignore the things that are ultimately most important, my family, my health, my friends.  I hope you take a few minutes to read this article.

What Habits Do “Powerful” People have that also makes them successful?  (By Dr. Travis Bradberry via LinkedIn)
There are many of these articles but I think this one does a great job of bringing together 11 powerful habits that we all should practice.  As I read through the list, some stood out that everyone out there, including those looking to make a difference in public procurement and the public sector, should practice. For example:  – “Don’t wait for a title to lead” to me is about initiative and taking charge, often ignoring many of the bureaucratic and frustrating aspects of working within government and the public sector.  I’ve seen enough people make a big difference…there isn’t any reason everyone shouldn’t be able to do it. – “Master conflict”…we know there is enough of that especially in the public sector realm, with so many stakeholders and special interests at play.  What it takes is listening, being open to new ideas even it means rejecting your own, and working together with others. – “Know your strengths and weaknesses” is maybe the most important one.  If you can realize that you only know so much and don’t know most of everything…and can be confident about it, that will open you up to engaging others with the right expertise, listening and learning.  Ultimately, nothing big gets done without a team and help of others.  There is enough to do in public procurement and in the complex public sector market…by spending a little time on practicing what these two articlespreach will give us enough more capacity and make us more effective…I promise!

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