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Government agencies are increasingly turning to augmented and virtual reality technologies to transform the way government works and delivers services. Whether reviewing the designs of complex equipment for defense programs, practicing coordination of jumps from planes, or therapeutics to help veterans recover from injury, or field support engineers getting remote support while repairing complex machinery, AR and VR technologies are being used to create immersive and real-life experiences that often mirror reality.

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Delivering these technologies are a myriad of up and coming startups as well established technology giants. At our upcoming Breakthrough Startups event in Arlington, VA on May 1, 2019, six startups will demonstrate the potential of AR/VR and how it can transform government:

  • Doghead Simulations – Creator of a product that allows people to collaborate from different locations, but as if they are in one room.
  • MXT Reality – Founded in 2013, MXTreality specializes in virtual and Augmented Reality solutions.
  • Taqtile Mobility – Headquartered in Seattle, Taqtile Mobility provides solutions that enable learning of complex tasks and improve industrial processes.
  • Studio 216 – Provides immersive AR/VR solutions focused on training, design, marketing and fieldwork.
  • – Virtual and augmented reality technologies including 3-D virtual maintenance training for aerospace (e.g. flight simulators), medical, training and automotive industries.
  • Design Interactive – Adaptive training software solutions focused on medical, industrial and military environments.

See the entire and growing list of AR/VR companies on GovShop here!

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