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As more and more traffic builds on GovShop, it’s great to see what people are finding and searching for.  Here are the top 5 profiles that got the most views on GovShop week of May 20, 2019:

Agile Trailblazers blazed a trail this past week by leading the way.  They are also leading the way in providing government agencies much-needed expertise in agile development and digital services.

Doghead Simulations is a virtual and augmented reality company that is changing the way government’s meet, collaborate and deliver solutions.

Ivalua is an eprocurement platform that just received a $1 billion valuation!  In addition to thousands of private sector customers, Ivalua is serving a growing number of government agencies including the State of Maryland, State of Ohio, New York City, Federal Government of Canada.

SFC Energy provides power and energy solutions based on fuel cell technologies to various industries including defense and security-focused agencies.

Agile Transformation is a Woman-Owned 8(a) firm providing specialized coaching and implementation services in agile.

These five companies are just a few of the thousands of companies being viewed by government users across all levels of government. Please check out GovShop for your government needs and email me directly if you have any comments/needs.  If you are a supplier, please go in and find your company or register. Complete your profile as that is the best way to get found!

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