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Read below to learn about this week’s emerging companies and hear 4 entrepreneurs deliver speed pitches of their solutions. Apply to present at the Tech & Innovation Showcase here.

On November 18, 2021, Public Spend Forum and GovShop, our AI-enabled Market Intelligence platform, hosted 3 innovative tech companies on a special edition of our biweekly Emerging Tech and Innovation Showcase (apply or attend a showcase by clicking on the link). This edition was in partnership with Safe Tech Inc. and featured public safety tech solutions. The tech pitch showcase was designed as part of our mission to create open government markets and strives to build awareness of innovative tech companies in the market. Through the showcase, Public Spend Forum is lowering the barriers and costs for small businesses to enter the public sector market. Each weekly innovation showcase gives entrepreneurs from emerging companies the opportunity to each deliver a technology pitch in front of a diverse audience of government buyers from the local, state, and federal agencies.

Below are recaps of the companies from this week’s innovation showcase along with links to their pitches.

  • Safe Tech Inc: Advancing public safety for First Responders and Armed Forces
  • Tracks North America: Manufacturing premier unmanned vehicles
  • Wi-Fiber: Creating SMART Infrastructure to enable a smarter tomorrow

About the Company

  • Type: Services Provider
  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Sectors Served: US Federal, US State, US Local, Private Sector
  • Country of Origin: United States

Safe Tech Inc is a tech company working to help companies overcome challenges of the public safety and defense markets before their funds run out. Safe Tech is advancing public safety products and technologies for First Responders and Armed Forces. More specifically, the company provides tech companies access to resources and access to public safety markets and prioritizes technology and grant distribution through competitive events. Watch the video below to hear Colby Humphrey, Chief Intelligence Officer, present the company’s solutions to government buyers:

About the Company

  • Type: Manufacturer
  • Year Founded: 2020
  • Sectors Served: US Federal, US State, US Local, Private Sector
  • Country of Origin: United States

Tracks North America is a tech company that manufactures premier unmanned vehicles. The company offers two vehicles with forklift-like capabilities. The Wolverine is intended for civilian use and can accommodate any task such as land development projects, clearing brush, and removing timber. The Multi-Purpose Expeditionary Platform (MDEP) is designed for DoD use and uses a digital remote-controlled system to improve communication, decrease software vulnerability, and ensure mission security. Both of these products have a universal skid-steer attachment for any standard attachment to be utilized, a diesel-powered engine, and a fixed undercarriage with all-terrain tracks. Hunter Woodruff, VP of Sales and Distribution, presented these vehicles to 250+ government buyers at this week’s showcase. Watch the video below to hear his pitch:

About the Company

  • Type: Software and Services
  • Year Founded: 2015
  • Sectors Served: US Federal, US State, US Local, Private Sector
  • Country of Origin: United States

Wi-Fiber is creating SMART Infrastructure to enable a smarter tomorrow. SMART Infrastructure works Self-Forming, Modular, Autonomous, Real-Time, Turn-Key solutions to empower municipalities to connect with neighborhoods to achieve real-time outcomes. Wi-Fiber’s proprietary wireless capabilities and Inteli-Platform (smart lamp) can interconnect any device, sensor, or smart technology. Watch below to hear Founder & CEO Adair Grover and COO Scott Weldon pitch the company’s solutions:

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