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2020 came with challenges in the health industry, toilet paper industry, and the cyber industry. ToolBox addresses the third challenge concerning cyber risk management by asking CEOs and CISOs to share their biggest learnings and pieces of advice as we move forward into the new year. 

One of the CEOs interviewed was Jay Prassl, founder of Automox. He remarked how “we should – and should not – manage cybersecurity in today’s new normal,” and “the best practice for staying ahead of attackers will be utilizing cloud-native tools for managing and securing their remote endpoints any time, anywhere.” As companies are ramping up cybersecurity defenses, it is crucial to find vetted suppliers to provide the software needed to prevent future security breaches. Check out the GovShop data to get started connecting with unique, qualified, and non-traditional suppliers today.

Managing cyberattacks without the proper awareness and systems set in place, as businesses have come to realize this past year, has led to massive data breaches, scams, and phishing incidents. As cyber threats continue to increase, PSF has been dedicated to providing new and emerging markets for cybersecurity resources and related insights. Continue reading the 7 cybersecurity lessons from the pandemic-era here. 

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