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Who let the dogs out (to Mars)? Boston Dynamics has created a four-legged mechanical robot explorer dedicated to scope out Mars. According to this article, these “Mars Dogs” have the machine technology capabilities to navigate unruly terrain and never-before-seen parts of the Red Planet. The perks to this good boy? Unlike regular Mars rovers, this Mars Dog is about twelve times lighter and can travel at greater speeds, leading to much greater performance outcomes and the ability to gather key information back to scientists.  

This unique creation, named “Au-Spot” utilizes artificial intelligence to detect structures and identify objects in real-time as it simultaneously transfers data to a communications module. One of the scientists involved in this project states “These behaviors could one day enable revolutionary scientific missions to take place on the Martian surface and subsurface, thereby pushing the boundaries of NASA’s capability in exploring traditionally inaccessible sites.”

With these animal-mimicking robots underway, opportunities for artificial intelligence suppliers will continue to increase in both the private and public sectors. For more information on suppliers, commodity codes, and machine learning technologies, visit GovShop.

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