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Pour yourself a steamy cup-of-joe now, because it may not be long until the long days of wine connoisseurs and coffee experts will be replaced by artificial intelligence machines to determine the quality and grade of such highly-esteemed drinks. 

A Demetria handheld coffee scanner. Source: Demetria

A newly-innovated artificial intelligence platform compacted into a handheld rectangular battery-shaped machine can determine the quality of beans with its own sensory capabilities. Demetria is the Columbian-Israeli company that’s uprooting the traditional methods (known as cupping) we have to grade coffee beans. Demetria has created a way that once humans input the quality parameters into the device, it will be able to classify coffee before it is even roasted. This new device may be on the up and up, saving time while increasing effectiveness in the grading process. In March alone, the company closed a $3 million seed funding round led by private investors. 

Recently, the company just completed a pilot program with Carcafe, the Columbian division of Colcafe. The innovation doesn’t stop here with this case study, however. Demetria is working alongside the Columbian National Federation for Coffee Growers to further utilize technology’s capabilities in developing a series of apps that go along with the handheld sensory tool. These apps would enable farmers to better control and track bean quality, which could lead to growers generating their beans to the quality that the consumers demand, and saving money in the long run – a win-win all around! Read more about the robot that is determining the quality of your coffee here

The rapid expansion of technology’s capabilities is increasingly replacing what were once laborious and tedious jobs into something that can be done with a few clicks of a button. It is clear how artificial intelligence is changing the way producers and consumers conduct business in the economy. More information on artificial intelligence can be found on GovShop, a free supplier and contract intelligence platform that provides comprehensive data across all markets. As part of the ongoing effort of Public Spend Forum to connect buyers and suppliers in emerging technology fields, GovShop’s list of opportunities in artificial intelligence is accessible here.

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